GIVEAWAY & REVIEW: Anthem's Fall
Anthem's Fall by S.L. Dunn

Above a horrified New York City, genetics and ethics collide as the fallen emperor and a banished exile of the same herculean race ignite into battle over the city’s rooftops. In the streets below, a brilliant young scientist has discovered a technology that can defeat them both, yet might be more terrible than either.

Set both in modern New York City and in the technologically sophisticated yet politically savage world of Anthem, Anthem’s Fall unfurls into a plot where larger than life characters born with the prowess of gods are pitted against the shrewd brilliance of a familiar and unlikely heroine.
Anthem's Fall


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Who knew cellular biology could be this interesting? I was extremely surprised that this book managed to keep me interested throughout despite the enormous level of detail. The writing was excellent for a debut. Four strong stars for science and super-ish heroes!

My only complaint is the overall length as well as the teeny tiny print. Admittedly, I zoned out a few times in parts that were probably intended to be the most exciting. The book could've been shaved down a bit and still relayed an utterly fantastic story.

The plot twist was a shocker, and the cliffhanger has me begging for more.
There is a sequel, right? I sure hope so!

This would be awesome as a graphic novel. Just saying. No pressure.


S.L. Dunn is the debut author of Anthem’s Fall, a novel he wrote amid the wanderings of his mid twenties. He has written while living intermittently in St. John USVI, Boston, Maine and Seattle. Raised on big screen superheroes and pop science fiction, he sought to create a novel that bridged a near-sci-fi thriller with a grand new fantasy. He currently resides in Seattle with his girlfriend Liz and their dog Lucy, and is hard at work completing the next book of the Anthem’s Fall series.




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