Library Scavenger Hunt #SLChallenge

This is the end of week eight of the Summer Library Challenge hosted by The Book Monsters.

I'm a tad late with this post, but the objective for this installment was just too fun to pass up... a scavenger hunt!

I completed this challenge virtually versus in person at my local library.

 Go to your favorite section. Check.
Pick a book at random. Check.
Check it out and read it! Check.

 Normally, I wouldn't even bother to pick up this book because of the title. I am totally burnt out on vampires at the moment! Also, I don't read many short stories. Recently, I have tried a few different collections, and they were more enjoyable than anticipated. I am actually looking forward to this book (and secretly hoping that it doesn't really have vampires in it).

Watch for my review, coming soon.

When was the last time you read out of your comfort zone?