Survey: My Local Library #SLChallenge

  1. What’s the name of your library and how close is it to where you live?
  2. How frequently do you go to the library?
  3. What is the first section you normally go to when you get to the library?
  4. Share a link to your library’s webpage. How often do you use it and what for?
  5. Does your library have a summer reading program for your age group? Do you participate and why or why not?
  6. What is one thing you can think of that would make your library better?
  7. Does your library have a self checkout station and do you use it more than the circulation clerks?
  8. What programs have you attended or thought of attending at your library?
  9. Do you have family that utilizes the library with you? Who is your “library buddy”?
  10. What is the best thing about your library?

  1. The main library in my county is the Braswell Memorial Library. It is approximately a 15 minute drive from my house. There is a satellite library much closer to me, but I've never visited it.
  2. Honestly, not much. Most of the books that I checkout are sent directly to my Kindle.
  3. If I'm just there to browse, I head straight to the new releases.
  4. You can find the link embedded in my first answer. I only use it to check out books digitally.
  5. They currently have a book club that meets on the fourth Monday of each month, but I've never been. I'm pretty busy with my online book club on Goodreads, Casual Readers.
  6. The website could certainly use a facelift.
  7. Yes, it does have multiple self checkout stations. Typically, I only interact with the staff if I have a specific question.
  8. I attended a few events at the library when my son was younger. They have great programs for children, especially in the summer. The Summer Reading Kick-off is on June 20th. I probably won't attend the event but might participate in the reading challenge.
  9. As mentioned earlier, my son was definitely my library buddy when he was younger. Now a teenager, he still reads approximately 30 books per year. These are either checked out out from the school library or purchased. Like his mother, he is a hoarder of books and must own all of the hardback copies of series favorites.
  10. I adore the ease of the digital checkout system through the e-iNC Library. It is extremely user friendly!
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