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North Carolina was home to some of the most infamous pirates in history.

The most notorious was Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard.

After serving as a privateer in Queen Anne’s War, Blackbeard began a prosperous life of pirating. After capturing a French merchant ship, he renamed it Queen Anne’s Revenge but later ran it aground in Beaufort Inlet. Blackbeard eventually received a royal pardon and settled down to reside in Bath, hobnobbing with polite society.

Retirement didn't last long, and he grew bored of the prestigious pirate parties on Ocracoke. Once again plundering, he quickly drew the attention of the Governor of Virginia. In November of 1718, he clashed with Captain Robert Maynard. Once onboard Maynard's ship, the pirates were overpowered by crewmen hidden in the hold. Edward Teach was killed after reportedly being shot five times and cut more than 20. Maynard proudly displayed Blackbeard's head on the bowsprit of his vessel.

Blackbeard had a lot of hideouts, but this was his only home.

Other scandalous pirates also terrorized the North Carolina coastline.

Stede Bonnet (The Gentelman Pirate) was a wealthy plantation owner from Barbados but threw it all away to pursue a life of piracy. Charles Vane was renowned as an exceptionally cruel captain and hanged for his treachery in 1721. Jack Rackham (Calico Jack) flew the legendary Jolly Roger flag and counted Anne Bonney and Mary Read among his crew. William Kidd was one of the few pirates to actually bury treasure and reportedly buried some of his booty on Money Island near Wrightsville Beach.

Now, that you've had a quick history lesson about the pirates of North Carolina, how about a giveaway?

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