Timebound (The Chronos Files, #1)

When Kate Pierce-Keller’s grandmother gives her a strange blue medallion and speaks of time travel, sixteen-year-old Kate assumes the old woman is delusional. But it all becomes horrifyingly real when a murder in the past destroys the foundation of Kate’s present-day life. Suddenly, that medallion is the only thing protecting Kate from blinking out of existence.

Kate learns that the 1893 killing is part of something much more sinister, and Kate’s genetic ability to time-travel makes her the only one who can stop him. Risking everything, she travels to the Chicago World’s Fair to try to prevent the killing and the chain of events that follows.

Changing the timeline comes with a personal cost, however—if Kate succeeds, the boy she loves will have no memory of her existence. And regardless of her motives, does she have the right to manipulate the fate of the entire world?


My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Time-travel details can sometimes be dizzyingly difficult to follow, but Walker piles it on with ease. From religious cults to serial killers, this book has it all and is executed magnificently. This is an action-packed read that will have you begging for more!

The CHRONOS Files series also includes TIME'S ECHO and TIME'S EDGE (both currently available) as well as book three, releasing next year.


I grew up on a cattle ranch in the panhandle of Florida, thirty miles from the nearest bookstore, and ten miles from a library that was sorely underfunded. The librarian’s sole duties seemed to be telling me the book I wanted wasn’t in and shooing me back into the kid’s section. There were plenty of times that I would have sold my soul to get my hands on a new book, so there’s a slight possibility that the Kindle might be the result of a deal between my teenaged self and the devil. One grandmother tried to keep me supplied with books, although they were more likely to be the Louis L’Amour westerns and Barbara Cartland romances she finished reading than the science fiction and fantasy books I loved most. My other grandmother told me stories that awakened my interest in history and stirred my imagination.

I’ve held many different jobs with varying degrees of competence, including lifeguard at a waterslide (no one drowned), waitress (only a few broken dishes), actress in a melodrama theater (good reviews, except for my two left feet), web & multimedia development (I still dabble in that a bit) and, eventually, professor of history and government. If you can find a common denominator between all of those jobs, please let me know. I started writing before the waterslide gig, but only recently has it begun to pay the bills.

You’ll often (too often) find me on Facebook and Twitter. If you do, gently remind me that I really should be writing.

  • One (1) signed copy of TIMEBOUND
  • One (1) signed copy of TIME'S EDGE
  • Two (2) audio files of TIME'S ECHO
  • Three (3) e-book copies of TIME'S ECHO
One (1) winner will receive a signed copy of TIMEBOUND and TIME'S EDGE plus their choice of the audio or an e-book copy of TIME'S ECHO! There will then be four (4) additional winners selected for the remaining prizes. (International)

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