Snark Attack: Book Snerds #SnarkWeek

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You asked for it, so here goes...
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Are you a book snerd?

I'm not talking about sexy nerds or super nerds. This post is about snobby nerds!

Bookworms were the first social outcasts before being a geek went mainstream and suddenly became cool. We would rather have our nose in a book than interact with real people. So why does it seem like I am constantly reading about some sort of division within the geek subculture on the Interwebs? Yes, this includes the book blogging world as well (although the information is always secretive and vague). Personally, I believe that we all have a responsibility to positively interact with our readers as well as other bloggers within the community.

Do you respond to comments on your blog?
If not, you might be book snerd.

Do you host a blog hop that requires participants to follow and comment but don't actually lead by example?
You might be a book snerd.

Do you bash authors and/or other bloggers publicly (or at all, for that matter)?
You might be a book snerd.

Do you spout snide remarks about those that do not read at your pace or prefer a certain genre that you deem unfavorable?
You might be a book snerd.

Do you consider yourself an online celebrity, diva, expert, guru or maven?
You might be book snerd.

Do you frequently recommend that other bloggers redesign their blog?
You might be a book snerd.

Do you favorite or retweet the tweets of others but don't actually follow them back or even say thank you (especially when said tweets are sharing your promotional content)?
You might be a book snerd.

Do you follow authors and/or other blogs as part of a giveaway and then promptly unfollow?
You might be a book snerd.

Are you constantly arguing about what is and what is NOT literature?
You might be a book snerd.

Are you more focused on fame and profit than on your love for books and reading?
You might be a book snerd.

Are you a veteran blogger or just another new kid on the block that obsesses over your number of comments, followers or subscribers (or lack thereof)?
You might be a book snerd.

It's time for us to look outward instead of inward. Unfortunately, we live in self-indulgent society bombarded by incessant social media sharing and selfies fueled by overinflated egos. Admittedly, many book bloggers are outgoing introverts, a walking, talking (and blogging) oxymoron. Our online personality usually differs greatly from our offline one. We are all busy with real life, and choosing to be socially responsible is obviously much more time consuming than just being a blogger (which is pretty damn time consuming already).

How are you actively engaging with other book bloggers? Are you proud of your interaction with the book blogging community? Does the positive outweigh the negative? Do you feel that you have a social responsibility to your audience? Do you feel supported by other bloggers or do you often feel alone and ostracized?

I hope that this post encourages everyone to reevaluate their role as a blogger, because honestly...
nobody really wants to be a pretentious book snerd! Do they?

*This post is in homage to all of the you might be a redneck jokes. By definition, snarky is sarcastic, impertinent, or irreverent in tone or manner. If you were offended by reading this, I hope that you eventually understand that the concept was to shed light on what's really important versus piss off a bunch of book bloggers. Therefore, go forth and blog dear book nerds for your voice deserves to be heard (even if everyone else completely disagrees with you)!

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