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Introductions & Literature

As in past years, we will provide you with a list of ten questions and ask that you answer FIVE.
You can find the full list of questions here.

What do you think of when you think of literature? 

Classics, contemporary, genre, or something else entirely? 

  1. My name is Amber, and I started blogging when blogging wasn't cool. Like, back in the day before social media. I don't like to put a year stamp on it as I don't consider myself a successful blogger. I first started blogging to keep in touch with my family and share pictures without having to send individual emails. I now live in rural North Carolina with my husband, teen son and more extended family than I care to count.
  2. Casual Readers started as a public book club group on Goodreads. The blog by the same name focuses on bookish challenges, discussions, hops, memes and reviews with occasional related giveaways. You can find all of our many social links here.
  3.  I mostly read general fiction. Right now, I'm on a high fantasy kick. I have always loved to read to escape reality. There is nothing better than cracking open a great book on a bad day!
  4. My favorite read last year was The Bone Season. My favorite book so far this year is Red Rising.
  5. My dream/favorite/ideal reading space would be somewhere on a beach, in a hammock, with a book in one hand and a tropical drink in the other.
  6. My new favorite blogging resource is Book Blogger
  7. You can find a list of some of my favorite blogs here
  8. “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Cicero
  9. *skipped*
  10.  Like everyone else, I am really looking forward to The Fault in Our Stars!

I think of literature as any work with timeless value. 
Everything else is just a book.

2014 #ArmchairBEA Agenda