REVIEW: The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt
The Wild Hunt by Ron C. Nieto

Magic still lingers in the mist-covered corners of the world, wherever the Old Ways are remembered. However, as civilization and reason scoff at the Fair Folk, the paths to power have been forgotten by all but a few.

Lily Boyd was meant to become a faerie doctor, a warden of humans and a keeper of balance, until disbelief and pragmatism led her away from the hidden world and into a mundane life. But truth has a way to be Heard and she will be forced to face it if she wants to save her family.

Armed with nothing but her childhood memories and protected by a debt of gratitude she doesn’t understand, Lily must decide who to trust while she navigates a world that is darker and more twisted than she is prepared for.

And should she make the wrong choice, should she mistake friend and foe… the eternal balance between the Faerie Courts may shatter, and then there will be more than Lily’s life on the line.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The cover isn't my favorite, but I'm not supposed to judge, right? Well, what I found inside actually surprised me! I'm a huge fan of fantasy in general, and anything fairy related is a definite plus. This story was a bit confusing at times but refreshingly believable. It delivered high adventure at a breakneck pace, and I'm still guessing about a few exciting outcomes. It seems that I just got sucked in to yet another series...

*I received this free copy in return for an honest review, and opinions are mine alone.