REVIEW: Journey Into Nyx, Godsend Part II

Journey into Nyx: Godsend, Part II

Journey into Nyx: Godsend, Part II by Jenna Helland

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
WARNING: This review contains extreme spoilery! Read at your own risk.

Elspeth's saga continues as the gods retreat from Theros during the Silence.

Daxos is dead. Xenagos is a god. And Heliod wants to kill her.

Elspeth vows not the leave Theros until she's avenged the death of Daxos.


A flame is a flame whether it came from flint or if it was breathed by a dragon.

Humans cleave to destiny when they should embrace the unknown instead.

"Because no one ever promised me a life without suffering," Elspeth said.

Was she injured? No, but she would never be whole again.

This sequel seems much more rushed than the first in series. See my review for Theros, Godsend Part I here. With so much new information and the introduction of additional characters, I actually got lost a few times. It almost seemed like the author was forced to cut out some important details in order to keep within the guidelines of the short format. There were also a handful of mistakes that the editor somehow missed. Most readers probably wouldn't notice, but that is one of my pet peeves when reading a finished product. If this was an e-galley, I wouldn't even mention it. However, I paid for this e-book and expect more from Wizards of the Coast. With that being said, I still gave this read three stars as Elspeth's story is certainly worth reading.

Now, onto the conspiracy theories...

Is Elspeth really dead? Will she become a god? Could it be that she is to become one of The Returned?

Only time will tell.