The Book Blogger Test

I've seen this floating around for quite some time and wondered how long it would take before I got tagged.

Luckily, I stumbled upon a post by Laura Plus Books that brilliantly tagged all readers by saying,
"Literally, just say I tagged you!"

Wait, this is a test?

Just kidding!

It is impossible to pass or fail. There are no wrong answers.
The point is to learn more about your fellow book bloggers and have some fun.

Here goes...

What are your top three book pet (peeves) hates?

Bodice ripping. Grammatical errors. Love triangles.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

I usually just curl up anywhere comfy. This, however, would be more than perfect:

Tell us three bookish confessions.

I can't remember most of the classics that were required reading.
Shocker, I have never read Harry Potter.
I rarely read romance novels.

When was the last time you cried while reading a book?

Recently, at the end of We Were Liars.

How many books are on your bedside table?

Right now, ten.

What is your favorite snack while eating?

I never eat or drink while reading. Weird, right?

Name three books you would recommend to EVERYONE.

The Hobbit
A Game of Thrones
To Kill a Mockingbird

Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf on your bookcase.

I do not have shelves; I have piles. Most of my library is in the cloud.
This is what I wish my bookshelves looked like:

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.


What is your biggest reading secret?

Spreadsheets! I would never be able to keep track of all my scheduled ARC and book club reads without one.

Now, it's your turn...

I am choosing not to tag anyone. Consider yourself officially tagged. Almost always the response to this type of meme is that those tagged have already participated. If you haven't had the pleasure of answering these questions yet, feel free to just jump right in. Please, remember to comment here. I would hate to miss out on reading all of your fabulous answers!