A HUGE thank you to Chaotic Goddess Swaps for the Books 'n' Bloggers Swap!

My assigned swap partner was Sofie from The Rainbow Bookshelf.

We had to choose three books:

Haven't Read Yet But Want To
Wishlist Choice

Luckily, my swap partner and I have similar reading tastes, so she received all three books from her wishlist!

Here is what I sent:

Loved -
I recently read WE WERE LIARS, and loved it is an understatement.

Haven't Read Yet But Want To -
OUTLANDER is the series that I've been meaning to read forever but haven't started yet.

Wishlist Choice -
I read THE BOOK THIEF last year, and it is just one of those books everyone should read at least once.

Take a look at the goodies I got...

All of these were from my wishlist, too.

Have you read any of the books pictured above?
Which ones are your favorites?

Tell me in comments and don't forget to visit my awesome swap partner, Sofi!

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