Top 10 Book Turn-offs

  1. What always gets me is sexual or gratuitous violence. I can definitely appreciate some violent scenes that are necessary for the progression of a story, but stuff that's only there JUST BECAUSE... Nope, not for me. 
  2. I hate the dumb heroine. By dumb, I'm talking about the ones that have no survival instincts. When something should tingle her spider senses, she doesn't act. 
  3. I despise love-triangles. Unless the book is really good, I may defenestrate it. 
  4. I hate it when in a FPP narrative series, the main character keeps talking accurately about events from previous books. 
  5. I can't stand books that read like a lecture done by the author on his/her view of the world. 
  6. I don't want a book that contains profanity, inserted just for shock value. 
  7. I can't suffer the obvious lack of incoherency between the description the author gives and the actions of the characters. Oliver Twist acting like a butt-face? No, thank you. 
  8. It really annoys me when, having defined a set of rules governing the world as the story develops, the author then consciously breaks those rules. 
  9. I don't like foreshadowing of the plot as well as an absolute lack of intrigue. 
  10. I can't read a book with little dialogue and even lesser descriptions.

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