REVIEW: Theros, Godsend Part I

Theros: Godsend, Part I

Theros: Godsend, Part I by Jenna Helland

In the wake of a savage battle with minotaur hordes menacing the countryside, the Planeswalker Elspeth believes her job is done, but the real test of her power awaits. If she can overcome the many-headed hydra, Elspeth many indeed have the power to stand among the heroes of Theros. Clash of the Titans meets The Hero's Journey in an adventure inspired by the ancient myths of Greece.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
For those of you that play Magic: The Gathering, it is no question that you will enjoy this novella. However, if you aren't familiar with the popular card game, it might be a bit challenging to understand everything that's going on in the Multiverse. At least a general concept is helpful before trying to dive into the books. Unfortunately, this one is only available in digital format.

I have played a few hands of MTG with my son, but he is the hardcore fanatic, not me. Surprisingly, I found myself completely absorbed by the lore and delighted with the story. It does read a bit like fan fiction but written quite well.

CONFESSION: I read this for cosplay research.

This year, our family will be attending NC Comicon as Planeswalkers! I chose Elspeth, my husband will be Garruk and our son picked Ral Zarek. There will also be five other cosplayers in our group.

If you enjoy mythology with complex lore and world-building, you should give at least one of these a try.

It's definitely more than just a card game!

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