Library Storytime #SLChallenge
Can you believe it's already the sixth week of the Summer Library Challenge?

This week, we are supposed to share stories of our favorite library experiences.

At least, that was my interpretation.

Here goes...

As soon as I could walk, our local library was my sanctuary. As an only child, I got bored fairly easy. I was reading chapter books way before I started school. Books were my ultimate escape.

Going to the library with my dad was always a special treat. I was mesmerized by the sheer amount of books. And they were free. I couldn't believe it! The library was my proverbial candy store.

My favorite VHS tape to get at the library was Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Honestly, I probably watched that movie at least a hundred times. I'm pretty sure we wore that tape out! Am I revealing my age here?

I can distinctly remember the afternoon I read The Magician's Nephew on one of our many library adventures.

It is still my favorite Narnia book to this day.

Those outings to the library were priceless. Some of my favorite memories were made there. If I think about it hard enough, I can still smell the musty paperbacks. In my hometown, there is now a new library in a better location, but I'll never forget the library downtown that lives forever in my heart and mind. Both of my parents are gone now, but I cherish the love of reading that they instilled in me. 

What a wonderful gift to give a child!